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Knob and Tube

Knob and Tube wiring was one of the first concepts for bringing electricity into homes in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  The porcelain knobs ensured that the wire would not come in contact with the walls, as the uninsulated wire was installed in the walls of homes everywhere.   Here in New England we have many of older homes that still have live knob and tube wiring.  Many of insurance companies will no longer insure a home with knob and tube wiring.   This is due to the higher risk of an electrical fire when a home contains live knob and tube wiring.   With the Non-Metallic Conducting  Wire that we now have in Romex wire, the insulation provides an added security to both the homeowner and the home insurance company.  


How do I know if I have Knob and Tube?

If you have a much older home with a lot of 2 prong outlets, and your basement or attic has some porcelain knobs, it would be a great idea to call Sean Murphy Electric LLC to have the wire tested to see if it is live.

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How expensive is it?

Replacing your knob and tube wiring with Romex is a labor intensive job.  It can be pricey, but every customer we have worked with has been happy that they invested in this unseen home improvement.  We understand that you don't have company over to see the new wiring in your walls, but you can sleep better knowing it is done.  Just a few benefits can include: getting your homeowners insurance policy renewed, and you may sell your home more easily.  

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Holes Everywhere?

A big concern with homeowners and replacing the knob and tube with Romex, can be if we will be leaving large holes in the walls and ceiling.   We pride our jobs on making as few holes and small notches as possible.   While we do not do the patching we do understand the importance of being careful with each notch, if notching becomes necessary.   

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